Walt’s Favorite Line Dances

AMOS MOSES (“Amos Moses” – Jerry Reed)

Right heel point and back; Left heel point and back;

Step forward on right foot to a Vine Right; turn Right 180°

Clap and Stomp right foot; repeat

HULLY GULLY (“Little Black Book” or “It’s a Little too late”)

Vine Right, Vine Left, 2 slow steps forward

3 fast steps forward, hop and turn 1/4 right

3 steps back; repeat

COTTON-EYED JOE (“Cotton-Eyed Joe” – The Rednexs or New York New York)

Right heel point and back; left heel point and back; repeat

Forward four (4) two steps; Vine Right and turn 1/2 (180º) to the right; Vine Left; repeat

ELECTRIC SLIDE (“Electric Slide”)

Vine Right, Vine Left, step back 3, rock forward 3, turn 1/4 left, repeat.

TWIST AND SHOUT (“Twist and Shout” – Mary Chapin Carpenter)

Right foot forward 4 steps, 2 right turning two-steps (end facing opposite wall),

Vine right and turn to face original wall (right, cross behind with left, turning 1/2 on the right and stomp left), Right foot back two-steps, repeat.

WALTZ LINE (“Last Cheaters Waltz”)

Starting with the Left foot -Two forward waltz steps, Twinkle thru twice (first to the right then back to the left) Two back waltz steps, Left Diamond turn, repeat

FOUR CORNERS (” Born to Boogie” – Chattahoochee”)

Vine Left, touch; Vine Right, turn 1/4 right

Rock Forward; Rock Back; turn 1/2 left (full around)

Rock Forward, Rock back, 2 step forward, repeat

CHAKA CHAKA (“Chaka Chaka”)

Vine Right, Vine Left, 4 Forward Shuffles (RLR, LRL, RLR, LRL)

Back up 2 step, touch and clap, Forward 2 step, touch and clap

Vine Right, Vine Left and turn 1/2 (180º) CCW (left), Stomp and Clap

Bump Hips Right twice, Bump Hips left twice

Bump Hips right, left, right, lefty


COWBOY BOOGIE (“Boot Scootin Boogie”)

Vine Right; Vine Left; 2 slow step forward; 3 steps backwards with a hitch; Wiggle forward;

Wiggle back; Dip Wiggle forward and back; Step forward and turn 1/4 left; repeat