Need a Caller?

Looking for a Caller for your next dance?

Calling and Teaching since 1994, my Square Dance program consists of Mainstream and Plus with a Line Dance or two thrown in between tips.

I am available to call/entertain at your next event. Whether you are looking for a full square dance program or just a fun night for a special occasion, I have a program that will meet your needs…

One Night Dance Parties consist of teaching an Old Fashion Virginia Reel, Line Dances, Basic Square Dancing, Contras and Fun Dances (i.e. The Chicken Dance, Cotton-Eye Joe, Hokey Pokey, Bunny Hop etc.) This Program can be tailored to your specific needs.

One Night Dance Parties are designed for Church, School or Civic events, Wedding rehearsal dinners with a special flair, birthdays; anniversaries; kid’s parties etc. Any occasion where you just want to have a good time!